TwoDads® Silent Disco Tour

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We dads decided to be the first ones in the world to create a whole-family guided Silent Disco at the food stores.
Our idea is to make everyone move! From toddlers to grandpas join us in having fun and taste delicious TwoDads®  products.

TwoDads® guided Silent Disco is organized in Finnish foodstores accross Finland.

This is how it works:

1. Your local food store will organize the event with us and let you know where and when to meet at the store.
TwoDads® guides will give you the headsets and make sure they work.
2. Our guide will play music and what to do through a microphone. Only those who participate will heart the music and the voice of the guide.
3. After a short warm-up we will start to walk around in a group – havin fun, partying, dancing.
4. In the end we return to the food store to sample the delicious TwoDads® products.
The event lasts about 15 mins.

If you want to participte in TwoDads® Guided Silent Disco, ask your nearest food store about it.
If they haven't organized one ask the store staff to order us.

Silent Disco Tour 2018
13.10. K-Citymarket Easton, Helsinki
20.10. K-Supermarket Hertta, Helsinki

14.11 Prisma Keljo, Jyväskylä
16.11. K-Citymarket Tornio
16.11  K-Citymarket Jouppi, Seinäjoki
17.11  K-Citymarket Jumbo Vantaa
17.11  K-Citymarket Raksila Oulu
17.11  K-Citymarket Päivölä, Seinäjoki
23.11  K-Citymarket Raahe 
23.11  K-Citymarket Pirkkala
24.11  Prisma Pieksämäki 
24.11  K-Citymarket Kemi
29.11  K-Citymarket Äänekoski
30.11 K-Citymarket Pietarsaari

01.12 K-Supermarket, Tampere
08.12 Prisma Keljo, Jyväskylä
15.12 K-Citymarket, Varkaus
20.12 K-Supermarket, Muurame


18.01 K-Supermarket, Kouvola
19.01 K-Supermarket, Kauhajoki

In collaboration with: Stepup School, Tanssikoulu DCA, Jyväskylän Tanssiopisto