High-fibre TwoDads® Smoothies - Delicious snacks on-the-go!

TwoDads® Smoothie packages

We are produd to present the fruits of our labor:  Delicious and nutricious high-fibre TwoDads® Snack-Smoothies

As they are rich in fiber,  only the natural sugar from the fruits and absolutely no preservatives our smoothies taste great even at room temperature. Also 30% less sugar than similar products in Finland. 

Made from purest water in the world and highest quality ingredients – developed together with scientists and medical doctors in Finland, we can rest assured that both, the taste and nutritional values are proper.

Our new and delicious smoothie has arrived!
Rich in fibre TwoDads® Smoothie Mango&Pear 2dl is a great wholesome snack on-the-go.

Our new yummy snack smoothie is finally ready for you: The TwoDads® Smoothie Bilberry&Banana.

Our third high-fibre snack-smoothie offspring is here! Try the delicious and tangy mango and mandarine taste!