TwoDads® Cereals — A Smart Start To A Fun Day!

A boy and cartoon character eat breakfast

Our list of ingredients is so simple that we can understand it ourselves. Loads of wholewheat grains, just the right amount of sugar and salt. 

All TwoDads® products are developed for kids – together with parents, University of Helsinki scientists in nutrition and early education, and leading medical doctors in Finland. That’s why we know that our products are right.

Just as parents everywhere – we love our kids and would do anything for them. We want to offer them wholesome food and not unnecessary additives.

A Whole-wheat, high-fiber breakfast cereal made of oats and wheat brans.

A whole-wheat, high-fiber breakfast cereal made of rye and oats. 

Wholegrain, high-fiber breakfast cereals made from arctic wholegrain wheat and apples.

Tons of organic fibre and a littlebit of organic sugar
High-fibre organic wholegrain breakfast cereal made with organic oat flour and organic wheat brans.

Delicious high-fibre cacao & banana breakfast cereals, with tons of fibre and less sugar.