TwoDads® now also available at Mumin Kaffe cafés

Published 2/12/2018 02:13 am
TwoDads Mumin Kaffe

Kid-friendly café-chain Mumin Kaffe serves kids wellbeing in collaboration with TwoDads®

Mumin Kaffe improves it's selection by bringing TwoDads® juices that have 30% less sugar and TwoDads® wholegrain cereals with 85% less sugar as finger food for kids.

TwoDads® has taken on the challenge of improving kids wellbeing by developing wholesome alternatives in staples, together with a team of University of Helsinki scientists and leading Finnish doctors.

Mumin Kaffe

“TwoDads® products are a great addition to the Mumin Kaffe selection. We want help kids be healthie, and not forget fingerfoods and fun.

The first TwoDads® -juices and fingerfood cereals will arrive this week."
- Sanna Kiiski, Founder, Mumin Kaffe

"We are exited to have our products available at especially Mumin Kaffe and looking forward to helping parents and kids to make better choices"
-Tino Singh, Founder, TwoDads Ltd.

The Mumin Kaffe café is a combination of child-friendly customer service, Finnish design and the Moomin Valley way of thinking. The atmosphere of the café is warm with ‘good hygge’ and sounds and sights of children. The café attracts families with children, tourists, Moomin fans and also people who would like to experience something new and different.

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