Two fathers and S Group to provide wholesome food for kids

Published 10/7/2017 02:40 am
Children jumping

The first TwoDads breakfast products will arrive on S Group grocery store shelves in August 2017 in Finland.

Looking after our kids’ health and wellness is an important challenge. Two Finnish dads, Tino Singh and Sami Kuusisto, decided to take that challenge on and start developing wholesome foods for kids. They founded TwoDads Ltd., which is specialized in developing foods in various categories to help support a balanced diet for children.

“Our motives are love of our own kids and looking after their wellbeing holistically, but also doing something to address the global childhood obesity epidemic. We believe that all kids deserve healthy nutritional food. When we looked at the breakfast cereals available on the market, we simply couldn’t find basic and wholesome products that didn’t contain a lot of unnecessary and unnatural additives.

We called scientists at the University of Helsinki and our doctor friends and started to do research and product development. Based on two years of work, we have now finalized the first TwoDads® products, which will be revealed in August.” – Tino Singh and Sami Kuusisto, Founders of TwoDads Ltd.

Children’s wellbeing and promoting a wholesome and balanced diet are very important for the S Group, one of Finland’s leading grocery retailers the group has raised the issue in their food manifesto released on 10th of July 2017. 

That’s why it is natural that the new TwoDads® products will first be sold exclusively at S Group stores.

“We want to help our customers make healthier choices. We are making a commitment to bring more products that are more nutritious onto our shop shelves. That is why complementing our product range with TwoDads® products developed by healthcare professionals and nutritional scientists is a natural step for the journey we have begun.” – Katja Tapio, VP Assortments

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Tino Singh, Founding Father, TwoDads Ltd.,
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