Slush – Opportunity or Threat?

Published 2/12/2016 02:16 am
TwoDads Slush 2016

TwoDads participated in Slush for the very first time. The event was comprehensive to the extent of sensory overload.

TwoDads presented itself at the Tonic 16 Food Tech and Innovation pre-event held by Arctic Startup at Hotel Hilton Helsinki Strand. A couple of dozen new companies, including TwoDads, presented their innovations and solutions at the event. At Slush TwoDads held a presentation on stage of the Food Tech Startup event.

Some interesting innovations were for example the 3D food printer, Foodini, presented by Natural Machines. The printer can print food portions and produce flavor and ingredient combinations that cannot be seen elsewhere

Another interesting presentation was held by EntoCube. Its director Perttu Karjalainen showed how growing insects in containers is an ecological alternative to traditional protein sources such as poultry and cattle.