Mothers in Business meets TwoDads®

Published 5/17/2017 02:52 am
Mothers in Business

One day something extraordinary happened at the Startup Maria Accelerator: one by one a group of mothers pushing small children in strollers entered the building. Out of the several hundred new companies in the house the mothers had come to visit TwoDads.

Mothers in Business is a network of career-oriented mothers that provides professional and personal growth for mothers during parental leave and after their return back to work. The objective of the network is to empower mothers to combine career and family, and to advance the position of career mothers on the job market and in society.

MiB hosts discussions, company visits, trainings, workshops, and evening get-togethers among other events. The idea is that the mothers can attend the events with their children.

Tino Singh met the mothers of Mothers in Business. “What is interesting is that the majority of the mothers felt there is a need for our products and they also felt it is important to engage the fathers. We also received questions on the production country and the ingredients. Surprisingly many of the mothers of Mothers in Business ordered their food online”, says Singh.

TwoDads also wants to support and improve the appreciation of all mothers and the know-how of fathers despite their career, background or socioeconomic position.