Former Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka Ventures into Kids Wellbeing Business

Published 6/5/2019 03:45 pm
Peter Vesterbacka and Tino Singh holding TwoDads® breakfast cereals

Peter Vesterbacka – formerly known as the “Mighty Eagle” and former CMO of Rovio Entertainment takes a stake in kids wellbeing company TwoDads Ltd.

"We want to grow TwoDads into a leading kids' wellness brand, because we are fathers who care about our kids’ wellbeing." 
TwoDads Ltd. was founded in 2015 by two fathers Tino Singh and Sami Kuusisto – two former marketing executives working with FMCG brands. They became worried about their kids’ wellbeing and decided to create concrete solutions to combat the global childhood obesity epidemic.

The duo teamed up with Finnish medical doctors and scientists from Helsinki University. Together they started to develop wholesome food for kids under the brand name TwoDads® – juices, smoothies and breakfast cereals. Peter Vesterbacka and TwoDads Ltd. CEO Tino Singh now aim to make the kids' wellness brand international.

The shares in TwoDads Ltd. are acquired by Vesterbacka’s investment company Random Ventures co-owned by his business partner V.C. Kustaa Valtonen. TwoDads® products are currently available in major Finnish grocery stores and soon also in selective grocery stores in Russia.

Peter Vesterbacka and Kustaa Valtonen are both dads who have a formidable track record in growing companies, finding funding and marketing brands internationally. From the first meeting our thoughts were with one accord. We understood each other immediately. We have proven traction in Finland and our brand and mission resonates amongst parents everywhere in the world. Our aim is to become the leading kids’ wellness brand globally. We are now looking for suitable partners to grow internationally and €1M funding for international growth.” – Tino Singh, CEO TwoDads Ltd.

We believe TwoDads has tremendous potential on the global market. TwoDads has led the way in creating a wholesome kids food category at grocery stores. Also, I love the brand as it is different, and it’s going to be fun to develop the big picture. We want to grow TwoDads to a global force in kids' wellness business.” – Peter Vesterbacka.


- Peter Vesterbacka is a known investor and mentor of startups both in Finland and internationally. He is best known from being called the “Mighty Eagle” as the former CMO of Rovio Entertainment.

- Kustaa Valtonen is a business angel that invests in early stage startups. He is active in several startup investment funds (e.g. FinestLove VC, Random Ventures, Valtonen Capital) Valtonen has a strong history in international sales and is accomplished in developing and funding startups. Valtonen is also an executive together with Mr. Vesterbacka in the Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel project.

- Tino Singh is a dad, CEO and founder of TwoDads Ltd. With a history as a marketing executive, and known in Finland for his career in music, theatre and TV from the 90’s.